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Since 1982 we are focusing on the development and the construction of proceedings and systems for the environmental relief. Thereby we are specialized in the fields of air purification, water purification and soil remediation. Today, we deliver all established proceedings, using state-of-the-art technologies. Please demand from us the optimal proceeding for your application.

For any pollutant
for any concentration
for any flow-rate.

Benefit from our extensive know-how and our innovative ideas.

Our products

Exhaust Air Treatment

Application consultancy, pollutant capturing or measurement of process parameters: From the start the Prantner GmbH Verfahrenstechnik can support you in an optimal way.

Water purification

We offer you sophisticated solutions of reliable wastewater treatment for numerous industries and the municipal demand.

We are able to offer you efficient solutions, ranging from groundwater remediation to drinking water treatment. Also, with the elimination of complex pollutant mixtures we can support you optimally.

Soil remediation

For the clean-up of contaminated soil Prantner can provide soil vapour extraction units (Type BDL). In this process the pollutants are removed from the soil by sucking them out with a vacuum.

Activated carbon service

Suitable carbon for any pollutant in the air or in the water. Thanks to our process engineering know-how we are able to achieve large cost-savings for our clients with sorbents sourced from throughout the world.