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Gas scrubbers

Process principle

The gas scrubbers are created as cross or countercurrent in horizontal or vertical design. In the packed columns, the exhaust air that needs to be purified is directed through the absorber in countercurrent to the washing medium. The mass exchange takes place in the packing materials zone. The packing materials are made of plastic or metal packages that have a large surface with low pressure drop. After the phase transition, the purified air streams into a droplet separator in which it is separated from the entrained liquid droplets by passing through a droplet separator zone. The washing solution is introduced through a distribution system in countercurrent to the direction of the gas flow. Then the washing solution flows downwards through the gas scrubber. The lower part of the gas scrubber is designed as a washing liquid holding tank. The washing liquid is usually removed from the tank by a pump.

Basic configuration

gas scrubber with casing • packing materials • scrubbing liquid tank (horizontal or vertical) • droplet separator • circulation pump • dirt trap • manometer

Supplementary configuration

flow-rate meter • conductivity measurement • container installation • explosion protection • level control • dosage system for chemicals • discontinuous and continuous removal of sludge • overfull basin • leakage probe

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