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Removal of heavy metals

Prantner ion exchange systems were developed to remove a whole range of anions and cations from water.


  • Removal of heavy metals from industrial waste water or from contaminated groundwater
  • Softening / dealkalisation of drinking water
  • Water demineralisation for industrial and other processes

Process principle

To maximise unit availability, our equipment is designed as a redundant system with twin filters. Switching between ready for operation filters is automatically controlled.

If the concentrations of the ions to be replaced are comparatively low, it might be advisable not to change the ion resin on-site, but rather to have them regenerated them in an appropriate unit. We would be happy to advise you on this point.

As well as selection, design and optimisation of the ion exchange unit, Prantner can take on the total logistics as required. From delivery of resin-filled vessels to site, their installation into the unit to regeneration of the loaded resins.