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Combination processAdsorption and catalytic oxidationEuro Accumulator KAT

Process principle

The contaminated exhaust air stream is passed through a process air fan to the adsorption rotor. In the adsorption sector of the rotor, the pollutants are adsorbed on an incombustible material and purified in compliance with the required threshold values for clean gas.
In the desorption sector, the concentrated pollutants are again desorbed with hot gas and purified by means of the downstream catalytic oxidation.
In the cool sector of the adsorption rotor, the rotor is cooled to become adsorptive again. For the purification of exhaust air from the concentration process, besides catalytic oxidation systems, Prantner offers thermal or regenerative systems. Contact our experts, we recommend you the best technology.

Basic configuration

adsorption rotor • air distribution system • process air fan • catalytic exhaust air purification • insulation • base frame • safety equipment • process measuring and control technology • data recording

Supplementary configuration

integrated desorption heating • flue in variable design • plant by-pass • dust separator • explosion protection equipment • container installation • gas burner • regeneration heating

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Standard sizes