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Oil separator

Our separators, system "P", utilise in their construction the differences in density to separate water and light oils with the help of gravity.

The separators are built for continuous process operation. It is not necessary to stop operation to remove the product collected.

The two liquids that are to be separated enter at the front of the first chamber. Here, solids can sediment out and the separation of the liquids can begin. The lighter liquid floats to the top of the other liquid where it forms a layer. This layer gets thicker and higher and from a specific layer thickness spills over into collection vessel. The separated water flows underneath a weir into the exit chamber of the separator and from there is either pumped out or drains under its own head.

To increase the performance of the unit, an addition fine-separation chamber with a coalescence stage can be equipped. The coalescence stage aids the aggregation of fine mineral oil droplets to larger drops which rise to the surface more quickly.

The coalescence stage consists of one or more stainless steel cassettes that are filled with either plastic or steel formed packing. The packing can be re-used.

An oil damage remediation unit consists broadly of 3 main parts; the interceptor, the pump and the product treatment equipment. We offer you complete systems - also on a rental basis.