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Thermal oxidation

Thermal oxidation

The Prantner thermal oxidation system (TNV) offers you an extremely efficient air purification technology. Due to its robustness, this systems technology is optimal to be used even with compounds that are complex or afflicted with contaminated substances (e.g. silicon organic compounds). The capacity of the integrated heat exchanger system reduces the operating costs significantly. With regards to the firing technology, the system is thereby accurately dimensioned for each pollutant situation. The legally required threshold values can be kept without any problems.

Prantner thermal oxidation systems are used for drying processes, for painting systems, for numerous chemical production processes, for coating systems, for biogas treatment, in the food industry and more.

Process principle

The process air is drawn in through a fan, and initially preheated in a heat exchanger with the purified air, then brought to the reaction temperature with a cone or surface burner and finally oxidized in the combustion chamber. The oxidation takes place in a specially dimensioned combustion chamber at reaction temperatures of 750°C to 900°C. Due to the high temperature levels, the material is selected very carefully. The material for the combustion chamber consists exclusively of stainless steel which is resistant to high temperature. The residence time within the combustion chamber lies between 0, 5 to 1, 5 seconds. A portion of the combustion heat is emitted into the incoming air, before the purified discharge air is released into the atmosphere.

Basic configuration

flap system • process air fan • heat recovery • burner • combustion chamber • insulation • base framevsafety devices • process measuring and control technology • data recording

Supplementary configuration

container installation • exhaust air chimney • system by-pass • dust separator • explosion protection • residual heat exchanger to generate hot air or water • multi-fuel burner • special catalyst fillings

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