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Drinking water purification

A high level of obligations is set with regards to drinking water purification techniques.

Our drinking water purification systems are characterized by a high degree of technical maturity and require only little maintenance. Through the use of food-grade substances, our systems meet the stringent requirements for drinking water.

For the drinking water purification we build and deliver:

  • water strippers
  • activated carbon filters for water
  • UV systems (for disinfection)

Prantner strippers are equipped with special replaceable air filters to eliminate suspended solids, bacteria and pollen from the ingested air.

Prantner UV systems provide a secure, reliable and chemical-free disinfection of drinking water.

Our activated carbon filters for water are only filled with activated carboncertified for drinking water so that you can be on the safe side. Also, the internal coatings of the activated carbon filters for water are made of material certified for drinking water.

Our activated carbon filters for water are available in steel or plastic design. Our plastic filters are pressure resistant up to 10 bar. We have the right sizes that meet your needs.

Water-activated carbon filters are produced in steel or plastic. Our plastic filters are up to 10 bar pressures. For your requirements, we have the right sizes.

We are looking forward to give you advise on the application possibilities for your project. Benefit from our attractive rental service.