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Bio filters

Prantner biological filters are used to treat waste gases with low concentrations of pollutants. For the efficient use of a biological filter, the following requirements must be met:

  • The pollutant must be biologically degradable
  • Concentration of max. 0.5 g/m³
  • Adequate polarity of the substance (solubility)
  • Easily adsorbed onto a filter mass

We have solutions for the following fields:

  • Sewage/water works
  • Smokeries
  • Large scale animal rearing
  • Animal carcass disposal
  • Various industrial production processes

Process Principle

Prantner bio-filters are high-surface area filters either built as a single layer or in a multi-storey arrangement. The residence time in the bed is approximately 30 seconds. The filter mass is a special mixture of a biologically active material and an inert carrier substance. Apart from the filter bed, the units consist of a process air blower, temperature control, irrigation system (via nozzles) as well as the control system.